There are several looks to help you in your work and auditions.
  • The creative canvas

Not only do you want your headshot to look like you, you want something that gives those casting you a canvas to work with.
Simplicity is they key, so your clothing, posture, make-up and countenance is about capturing your “charisma, essence, and personal best”
  • Tips:
Find clothing fit well, avoid covering up (too many layers, scarves, baggy stuff), relax and enjoy facing a camera straight on.
Rings, noserings, tatoos:
If this is who you are, great.  If it the look you want to be represented in, we will shoot you with it.  However the open canvas is to help you book jobs.  It is easier to imagine you with something on than it is to imagine you with it off.  So if we need to cover up something or have a ring removed, please let us know so we can prepare for your shoot.
  •  Range of character

Introverted or extroverted, actors come in all shapes and personalities.   Booking parts does mean showcasing your range of chops.  It is usually best via a demo reel but headshots can help.
  • Tips:
So find clothing and outfits to help you express your range of looks and characters you would like to be casted for.
Break stereotypes or hightlight them in your look.
EG A pair of glasses on or holding glasses gives the hint of geekness or smarts or  a blazer can convey either a corporate look or an “investigator” look
If you are needing more looks, book the appropriate package or you can always purchase more images beyond your package in the future.